Start Your New Year How You Want To Live It

Happy New Year!

I hope you feel as clear, focused, excited and ready to make 2018 an amazing year as I am.

2017 seemed to be a tough year for many people I know — more so than other years in the past.

We made it through, though, and even if you can’t fully understand it yet, what you’ve gone through will grow you. I’m still leaning into trusting that thought.

Here are some updates that might be of interest to you, as well as some tools and news I hope you can use:

  • Welcome to my new and beautifully improved online home! If you haven’t visited, come on in and have a look around. I have three fabulous personal development offerings for you this year:
  • MOVE And The Way Will Open, my six week group coaching program (which starts on 1/15/18), to teach women how the power of movement and love for their bodies will revolutionize their lives.

Registration will open soon, so stay tuned to get access to 20 coaching lessons, four live classes, videos, a private Facebook community with other MOVE participants, knowledge from guests teachers and experts, as well as an opportunity for 1:1 coaching with me.

This group program is $299 and worth every cent and then some. I stand by that with all of my heart and skills. MOVE is your New Year’s Revolution.

  • Lavish, a dinner and coaching event that I host in my home or other inviting and glamxurious (glamorous and luxurious : ) locations in my city. I have ONE spot left for the 1/20/18 Lavish event.

Want it?

Email me at and let me know you want to claim it. It’s at my home in Louisville and it’s going to be a fantastic night of a delicious chef-prepared food, luxe flowers, stimulating conversation, coaching and connection — along some special touches I love to add to the night.

  • Body of Work, my 1:1 coaching and / or counseling process where I work with you for weeks or months at a time on six specific areas of your life, as well as any other needs and desires you want to bring to our work. I meet with my 1:1 clients via phone sessions or in my private practice office in Louisville.

I have also created some 2018 inspiration and information to help you get the year off to a strong start. Did you get to see my video short course on creating a “pre-cap” / written vision of 2018?

I released it on New Year’s Day, but if you missed it, catch it here:

This powerful tool, I am convinced, helped me realize the dream of attending a writing workshop I really wanted to go to in 2018, but didn’t have the resources to make it happen.

Or so I thought …

Tune into the video to see how I am (as of this writing) at that very workshop in the state of Hawaii until January 8th. This is one year earlier than I predicted in my written vision.

This work is that powerful. Set aside some time (30 minutes to an hour) and get writing. My video will show you how.

And finally … here are some things I’m into right now — books and podcasts that entertain, enlighten and inspire me.

For that eight hour flight to Kona, Hawaii, I downloaded two books to my Kindle and will be listening to episodes of two of my favorite podcasts. Take a look or listen and see what you think:

  • Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld – My friend Jen of recommended this book that’s a modern take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I read Sittenfeld’s book Prep years ago and loved it, so I am excited to dive into this.
  • You’re Going to Survive – by Alexandra Franzen – I am actually with Alex in Hawaii right now gaining all kinds of knowledge from her that will help me write and edit my first book that I will be self-publishing in winter 2019. In her book, Alex interviews men and women who tell their personal stories about trials and tragedies they experienced and how they persevered.
  • Style Your Mind podcast with Cara Alwill Leyba – Cara is an inspiring phenom — a coach, writer, and speaker. She offers her brand of personal development with down-to-earth flair, edgy style, inspiration and practicality. She really lives it to give it and I’m am devoted to reading and hearing what she has to offer women.
  • French Kiss Life podcast with Tonya Leigh – Tonya has been my personal coach and I’ve also followed her work as a personal development bon vivant since I was introduced to her in 2011. She inspires with warmth, elegance, grace, and knowledge. Her personal story is a triumph and she lives in the spirit of that. Again, another woman who lives it to give it.


Take care of yourself — get moving and be moved by your life!


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