Stay-At-Home: Week 3

Stay-at-home. Work-at-home. Hair-growing-out-at-home.

Going into week 3 of our current way-of-life —  here’s what I know, and what I notice: 


  • This week, I felt grief and longing because of the lack of physical contact with my other family and friends. The other day, I sent a video text to a close friend I used to see every day ( … and for now, I don’t), and I started to cry. I asked them to send a video or FaceTime me because I had to see their face and hear their voice. Written words alone aren’t the same. 
  • I thought knowing we’re staying put until at least April 30th would ground me more and help me make solid plans with a kind-of definitive time frame. That held up for about 12 hours. The next day, I had a panic attack and ended up sobbing on the couch for a ½ hour. It had to happen. The mama, healer, servant, and hope merchant in me, needed some time to fall apart after two weeks of rising up. The reality settled in that the way we once lived will not be the same in many ways. 
  • The constant every week: Physical activity is imperative. Next to my family, this is a significant source of clarity, resilience, and pride during this time. 

Also … 

  • The days fly by … and they stumble along. 
  • I am creative and getting so much done … and then I couldn’t really tell you what I did, even though I was in my office for six hours.
  • I crave a routine …  and then resist it every single day. 
  • I am content, grounded and aware … and I will also burst into tears at a stoplight as I scan a completely empty landscape that is usually overflowing with cars and people. Seeing this post on Instagram from Refinery 29 the other day helped me shift my perspective: 


What do you notice as the days go by?


Here are some questions to consider; or even better, write about during this time. 

  • How do you spend your time? 
  • What is your greatest stressor? 
  • What is a source of comfort? 
  • Do you / how do you experience happiness? Joy?
  • What takes you by surprise?
  • What is still familiar and reassuring? 
  • What do you miss most about how we were living about six weeks ago?
  • Besides flattening the curve and the fast track to a vaccine, what do you want most for the future?



My clients and I are working through these questions and more during our sessions. 

Some are collecting unemployment, while others have had to close their small businesses indefinitely, as well as lay off their employees. 

There are grandmothers and aunts whose daughters and nieces were born during this time and they haven’t been able to hold, touch or smell their newborn baby smell. 

Healthcare workers are responding bravely to their call to action, and are also angry and fearful about the lack of equipment and withstanding a surge of patients. 

Many of us are responsible for being a co-teacher and helping our children complete their current grade, as it is unlikely that many schools will remain closed for the year. 

These are the faces of stress, grief, anxiety, and trauma. 

I am honored to be of service to them and help them through this time. We all need each other so much and in especially vulnerable ways today.

If you need my support, guidance, tools, and love, I am here. 

Schedule a session with me and take care of yourself. 

Women carry so much responsibility and regulate the emotional climates of our families during “normal” times, so this is amplified many times over right now. 

And love? 

That’s right. 

How can I give you love if I’m not related to you, or I’m not your friend? Are mental health professionals allowed to say something like that anyway? 

If there was ever a time to lean into love for humanity and how we’re all trying to move forward and create a future — this is it. 

I’m here for that. 

Click HERE to hear me talk about different ways we can work together, OR use the following links and … 

NOTE ~ In keeping with the pandemic protocol issued by the governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I will not be holding in-person sessions at my Louisville office until further notice. 

All sessions will take place on the Zoom video platform. 

If necessary, a phone session is an alternative option. 


Are we connected online? 


Let’s do it!

RIGHT NOW: We need to lean into community and connection now more than ever. 

In my private, free Facebook community I mentioned earlier, Women On The MOVE, I am giving you just that. 

Not only am I offering you coaching, connection, inspiration, and motivation — I am also posting resources for resilience, AND sharing my skills as a certified fitness professional. 

The gyms may be closed, but you can access free, uplifting and effective workouts created just for you … by me.

The only way to access Women On The MOVE is to send a request: 

Women On The MOVE – my private Facebook community

You can also find me at: 

Facebook – Laura Wagner Life Coaching  



Of course, I had no idea when my new BFF Kim Strobel interviewed me about resilience and adversity last month … that we would be living through tremendous, collective adversity. 

I look for bright spots in the dark all of the time, and I’d like to think this podcast episode is one of them I can share with you. 

Click here to listen. 

Stay connected and stay well.

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