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February 9th is the day when studies have shown that most people fall off the “fitness cliff” or slip away from their New Year’s intentions to better their health.

The check-ins at the gym decline. 

The novelty of a new year has lost its spark.

Those vision boards you created are shoved in a corner or put into a closet.

What happens and why?

We get busy.

We feel stuck.

We get bored.

We may not have the outside support to inspire or motivate us.

We slip away from hanging in there for those 66 days it takes to make a habit.

We cancel on ourselves — if we even took time to make plans in the first place. 

Here are some powerful ways for you to stay on your mountain top, including some sage advice from my 19 year old daughter, Grace.

I should really cut her a dividend check for all of the truth bombs she contributes to my work.


1 – MAKE PLANS FOR YOURSELF I’d say at least 90% of my clients tell me “I know what I want to do, but I just don’t do it” when it comes to health — exercise in particular.

And almost 100% of the time, I learn there is no plan for how they are going to live out their intentions. 

They have no day-to-day plan in place for becoming that person with those habits. 

It’s as simple as putting your appointments with your body into your calendar just as you would your haircuts, staff meetings and parent-teacher conferences. 

This is a screenshot of my Google calendar a month from now. There aren’t any other appointments listed there yet except for fitness classes I take regularly. 


Couple of things … 

No – I do not take every single class I’ve listed every single day. 

In the upcoming weeks, I will plug in clients, events, projects and meetings and distill my schedule down to four or five classes I’ll leave on the calendar; and that’s what I’ll show up for. 

And if you’re thinking, “well, it must be nice to be able to do all of that — you don’t have my schedule / my kids / my job / my commute.” 

I don’t like the phrase, “well, it must be nice to …” because what usually comes after that is a snide criticism of what someone has that you want, but don’t think you can get, so you roll your eyes at the privilege you perceive. 

“It must be nice …” isn’t about them at all; it’s about you. 

I do have the freedom of working for myself and making my schedule, so I get to arrange my day accordingly. It is nice; and I work very hard to make that happen. 

I also have clients with very different lives: 

  • Up to four children under the age of  7 — some with multiples — as in, twins … triplets … two sets of twins (true story)
  • An hour-long commute each way to work
  • Jobs where people’s lives are literally in their hands – complex, highly stressful medical specialties; law enforcement, etc.
  • Disabled spouses, partners, parents and children


They all make plans for taking care of themselves, and they have every excuse not to stick with it. Believe me, I’ve heard them. 

It’s not easy, but it’s what they really want, and they do the inner and outer work to make it happen.

Here’s what I know for sure more and more each year I grow into my career: 

When someone really, truly wants something … they will do what it takes to make it happen. They will make the time, not excuses. 

Just because it’s simple, though, doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

It takes practice putting yourself on your calendar over and over again.

It also takes practice to stop canceling on yourself. 

2 – FIND YOUR PEOPLE –   Phone a friend. Pair up. Show up at the gym and go into that group exercise class and stand next to that lady you’ve seen every Tuesday. 

Say something to her. 

The more we’re connected with like-minded people (people who value health, show up and put in the work), the greater the possibility that we’ll stay on the cliff.


3 – WRITE IT DOWN –  If I told you that you would be 42% more likely to stay committed to your goals if you did some writing / journaling most days of the week, would you do it? 

Some people would say “yes,” and some might shrug and say “maybe” — if they have the extra time.

What if I told you that you had a 42% greater chance of finding a $100 bill in the street every single day if you wrote a list of five things you’re grateful for each morning?  

That’s potentially $3000.

I can hear your pen hitting the paper already.

I write every single day of my life for at least 10 minutes, if not more. 

I write my goals for the day. I write how I want to feel (not huge paragraphs, either — usually just a few words). I write about food. Movement. Money. The past. The present.

Writing helps you stay clear with yourself and builds accountability. Studies show people are 42% more likely to follow through on something if they write about it — pen to paper (not fingers to keyboard — it’s not the same).

Using your own handwriting to document your intentions changes the brain and uplevels your commitment. 

Words on paper are hard evidence for what’s going to happen. 


4 – PIVOT –  The best thing you learn about yourself when you decide to make significant life changes is not that you can do it perfectly, or even close to it. 

The strongest growth of your lifetime will come from the resilience muscles you build when things get tough, such as:

  • You didn’t move your body in a week … two weeks, three weeks, or more.
  • You think you were “bad” and ate foods that you “shouldn’t have” one weekend  (if you work with me, you’ll learn there is no such thing — and that deprivation often breeds rebellion).
  • You got sick, or your young children traded some kind of  “preschool plague” back and forth in your home for six weeks … and you were too exhausted to hit the Y, even though you knew you might feel better. 

Nothing has gone wrong here. 

Don’t give up. Pivot. 

In basketball, pivoting means having one foot on the floor  (that’s your “pivot foot”), while the other foot is freed up to move and rotate your body without that pivot foot ever leaving the floor. 

It’s a compact and powerful movement that allows a player to get to a new position or escape a defender. 

Whaaaaat? Here’s what: 

Your goal to create optimal health is your pivot foot. 

When there is interference in your life, you do not have to pick up both of your feet and run away. 

Keep your “goal foot” — your pivot foot — on the ground and use the other one to rotate yourself to a new opening. 

You don’t need to quit; you just need repositioning. 

I’ve been struggling with chronic pain problems with my knees (osteoarthritis) and hip (bursitis) for several months now. 

I learned from my orthopedist last week that while all non-surgical treatment options will be exhausted, I will likely need a bilateral knee replacement by the time I’m 55 years old, if not younger (I’m 48 now)… but they don’t want me to do that. 

I’m too young, and people with replaced knees usually need two sets in a lifetime. Getting that second set can be a tough surgery for the body.

So, the road is not exactly clear.

This was devastating news to me as a person — as a woman so in love with movement and what it does for my mind and body.

I grieved and cried and got mad. That needed to happen. 

After that, I leaned into the pivot. 

While I cannot cure a degenerative joint disease (but advances and miracles happen in medicine every day), you can be for damn sure that I am going to research and advocate for every viable possibility to keep myself moving with as minimal pain as possible, and for as long as possible, with the knees God and my parents gave me in 1971. 

That could mean making some big changes in my life that I’ve resisted. 

I’m in the pivot, though; I am rotating to open up my body to a new plan. 

** Stay tuned — I’ve got an announcement coming your way about this; it may be one of the most vulnerable things I’ve ever done in my life. I am nervous, but absolutely certain this is my next step. 

5 – BE LOVINGLY RELENTLESS ABOUT TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH –  Finally, a few words from my daughter / “colleague,” Grace Wagner, about what it takes to use this approach with just about anything in life, really. 


Months ago, I was in my bedroom lamenting out loud about some challenge or struggle I was hanging onto — I honestly don’t remember what most of it was about — lol — which is a sure sign of self-imposed drama.

Grace watched and listened to all of this patiently for a few minutes and nodded her head.

Then she stood up and said this:

“You know what to do and how to do it. 

You’re smart and awesome. 

Just stick with it.

Any other interference is bullshit.”

So here we are, standing on a precipice — a cliff — where you can think about all of the reasons why and why not.

There’s a part of you that knows you can do this, because you decided you wanted to weeks ago. 

It didn’t just evaporate. 

You cannot unlearn what you have learned. 

You can stop practicing it, but it’s still in your brain.

So square your shoulders. Strategize. Keep going. Stay true.

Any other interference is bullshit.

Ready to pivot? Bust up some interference? 


I’m a master at both. 


I’ve got mad skills, and I walk my talk. 

If you’ve started sliding instead of deciding when it comes to your body this winter, it’s time to LEVEL UP.

I have a 30 day 1:1 coaching program where I will help you design an empowered mindset, move your body, and select and solidify habits that work for your life. 


  • I do not do diet bullshit. 
  • I do not give you “x”-is-the-way-to-work-out-for-results hype. 
  • I do not teach you that if you “mess up” and don’t eat a specific ratio of food one day and move particular body parts on another day, you’re “doing it wrong.” (Yep. I was confused about that, too). 


What I see over and over again with my clients who have diet hangovers is this:

 If it has rules, it’s not sustainable. Or enjoyable. 

And so that’s why you quit, and you kick your own ass. 

What we will do together with your thoughts, habits, movement and progression, is going to be as unique in your handprint. 

Want to know more? 


To Level Up, click here and sign up today. 


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You will meet new people (live and in-person instead of behind your phone or computer screen), and walk away inspired to keep living up to the intentions you set for 2020. 

Mid-February tends to be the time our commitment to the changes we were so excited about on January 1st starts to wane. This event is the perfect way to rejuvenate your spirit. 

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