Stop Waiting for the Money


In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to offer you a series of five lessons with strategies, actions and mindset shifts to help you stay in the miracle of the new year called LIVING WITH PURPOSE.

“Purpose” is my word of the year and I’m not keeping it to myself!

These will be simple and significant actions, habits or thoughts you can adopt that will help you live your life with purpose and intention this year.

They’re practical and sustainable, they won’t take a lot of your time, and can make a big impact if you bring them into the fold of your life and keep doing them.

I know because I’ve personally tested them : ) and my clients have, too.

I first shared these lessons with my private group called WOMEN ON THE MOVE and they loved them so much that I felt I needed to roll them out for the masses.

They’re too good to be exclusive.

Here we go …

Welcome to the third of five weekly lessons in 2019 where I offer you my best teachings, guidance, tips and tricks that will not only get your year off to a strong start, but help you keep that momentum to reach your goals and improve the quality of your life in 2019.

How do I know this?

I know from personal experience because these things have improved or even transformed my life.

I also know because these are the practices I offer to my clients, and if they were consistent and committed when it came to doing them, then things that needed to change — changed.

Some of those changes I helped people make last year …

~ anywhere from 15 lb. to 60 lb. happy and healthy weight loss journeys

~ taking a leap of faith in a career and landing in an ideal job or starting a new business (sometimes after waiting months — or even decades to do it — it’s time to stop waiting, by the way)

~ becoming a person who works out and sees herself as an athlete after years yo-yo exercising and quick-fix diets

~ important decisions about relationships — whether they were friendships or marriages — maybe it was time to find a companion for life … maybe it was time to leave a relationship … maybe it was worth staying and working on it … whatever direction, people stopped sliding and started deciding

I could go on — I also have a special place in my heart for helping women cope with and heal when it comes to depression or anxiety. I know firsthand what that is like and that things can and will change — never give up.


Here are five things I learned in 2018 that brought more money into my life AND permanently changed my relationship with it.

1) I became forgiving of myself for the times when I didn’t appreciate my money or nurture it / take care of it; I learned to approach it with respect and thoughtfulness versus looking away or hoping it would all work out without a plan.

2) The feelings behind why I wanted more money in my life became the driving force — not the stuff I wanted.

3) When I was grateful, I was showered with abundance. It never failed.

4) I gave money a purpose. I made plans for it and gave it specific places to go in my life.

5) I visualized what that looked like. I wrote about how I saw myself earning it, what I would do with it  — down to details like what the weather would be like that day, what I’d be wearing, etc.

Here’s today’s video where you can learn more about this hear about some of the money miracles I manifested along the way.

And let me tell you something, I was skeptical at times and fought with myself about these ideas and practices ALL of time — but I kept the faith, and I’m so glad I did.

I’m a believer. I hope this helps you, too.

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