Stripped to the Nines

I have this great class I’ve made for you and I’m just about ready to release it for enrollment this fall.

Style MOVES is an e-course I’ve designed that is a unique combination of my skills as a life coach and therapistand the perspective I can offer as a woman who has evolved into having her own unique and confident sense of style.

This is a self-study program with weekly lessons that will arrive in your inbox with worksheets and videos to amplify what you will learn.

I believe it’s all a part of knowing who we are — our minds, our bodies and what we put on our bodies. For me, all of those things have meant an inside-out (r)evolution for my life.

To be honest, though, I’ve wanted to put this program aside over the past couple of months. I’ve had thoughts like “this doesn’t even matter” and even, “I’m not even sure I believe this anymore.”

Strong stuff, right? Kind of makes you go, “damn, do I even want this if the woman who created it is questioning it?”

It’s a beautiful and thoughtful course, but I pride myself on creating authentic and effective tools that help people live better lives, and I haven’t felt very authentic. Or effective. Lately, I’ve felt lost.

This season, I haven’t viewed myself as a woman with confident style; and possessing grace and finesse feels like a memory.

I’ve mostly felt like that photo at the top of the page — stripped down, tired eyes and bare faced.

I see the beauty.

And I see the exhaustion.

I see the anxiety.

I see myself struggling with the beliefs I espouse about not letting our circumstances define us — but that we define ourselves.

I explained the phrase “dressed to the nines” to my daughter the other day, and I had the thought that I’ve felt “stripped to the nines” lately.

There are times in our lives when we are literally putting one foot in front of the other — going through the days afraid to answer the phone or open up emails.

Maybe we’re in that stress-starvation mode all day until about 9 p.m. when we know it’s as dark outside as we feel inside.

That’s when it feels like there’s some safe relief to be found standing in the kitchen, eating ice cream out of the carton, and then going to bed for a fitful night of sleep.

And while all of this has been transpiring, something inside of me got quiet and centered enough to create this program.

It didn’t feel like I was teaching something vapid or frivolous; somehow, it felt like I was making something to help a woman know herself better — to befriend herself more deeply.

I made something that lovingly teaches that it’s not the clothes that are going to change the world, but the women who wear them who will.

I made something to teach a woman that in order to adorn herself authentically, she has to find out more about who she is on the inside.

With each passing day, I am finding my way and leaning into my own resilience.

That feels good; it took me many years to own my inner strength.

I kept thinking it was something I had to look for outside of myself. This stripped down time has shown me it’s right where it’s always been — whether I am naked or clothed.

It’s my heart.

And outwardly, I have opened my closet or dresser drawers these days to choose clothes that help me remember my dignity and grace.

They’re not afterthoughts or frivolous choices.

They help me look in the mirror, square my shoulders and enter my day — stripped and dressed to the nines.


It’s on its way…

You loved the Lavish Style video series and asked me for more, so I created it.

Style MOVES is an e-course I’ve designed to help you expand or evolve into your unique and confident sense of style.

This self-study course is a deeper dive that goes way beyond what’s in your closet.

Style MOVES is a series of lessons and loving guidance that will help you create an inside-out revolution.

It’s as much about how we carry and care for our bodies as it is about how we clothe ourselves.

You’ll get weekly lessons that will arrive in your inbox with worksheets and videos to amplify what you will learn … and there will be some surprise bonus material, too.

Registration is opening soon!

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