Staying in the Miracle

This is my friend, Robert Hartwell.  Look what he did.  I can remember when he sent the first text message that said, “I found my house.” Robert wasn’t just attached to the house; he was committed. Attachment can foster fretfulness or doubt, while commitment is about devotion and purpose. Commitment is the spark for action. [...]

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Pretty and Profane – The Time I Burned It All Down

  I walked out to my mailbox recently to find a notecard that one of my blog readers had taken the time to write and send my way. I love the gesture of a handwritten note, so I was happy to receive it; yet, once I read it, I felt a lot of different things, [...]

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Laura Wagner - Move

I See You

I see you.   I see you, beautiful. I see you scan the room — looking for a place where you can follow the instructor and see what is going on, but not get too close to the front. I see you watching all of the people in the room who seem to know one [...]

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