Take what you need, and leave the rest.

If you’re a good friend of mine or in my private Facebook group, Women On The MOVE, you’ll get a good meme from me each morning, most days of the week.

There’s nothing like a good quote, mantra, piece of advice or proclamation to set the tone for your day. I find them all over the place — Pinterest, Instagram, etc. 

If there’s a source or someone to credit, I make sure I do, but a lot of this stuff comes from the internet abyss — like prayers that land in your life. 

So here are a few of my current favorites. 

Maybe it’s something you need to see and hear. 

Maybe you need to make it the wallpaper on your phone. 

Maybe it means nothing to you, but you want to pass it onto someone else. 

Take what you need, and leave the rest. 



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