The Miracle of Play

I don’t usually throw my days away in a basket like that, but when you start thinking bad things come in 3s, and wonder why you’re getting a 6-pack instead … that’s where you land sometimes.

Life threw me some challenges, but that didn’t stop me from the one job I gave myself when I stopped pushing back so hard:

Learning the “Night Fever” line dance from the film Saturday Night Fever
I did it at a wedding once about 20 years ago (pre-YouTube), and vowed I’d master it someday.

I had no other reasons for playing like it was my job outside of having fun and clearing my head. I needed a joyful waste of time —  about a 1/2 hour or so. 

My playtime also served as field research for my Mind, Muscle & Miracles coaching group. I gave them a bonus class with wellness coach Kaitlyn Simpson Lyons on the power of play for everyone — especially grown people.
There’s now a community play list that the group members contribute to, and it’s got everything from paint-by-numbers to hula hooping.

My 1/2 hour of goofing around and kick-ball-changing to a 40+ year old movie evolved into a delightful surprise during a week of “can you believe this shit?” moments. There’s now a community play list that the group members contribute to, and it’s got everything from paint-by-numbers to hula hooping. 

My husband, Bobby, does not usually get involved in my dance party antics. He’ll do all kinds of other silly stuff, but not that. 

For two days, though, he kept coming in and out of my office while I was dancing and throw out a few moves.

After that happened about 27 times, I l finally looked at him and said, “You want to learn this, don’t you?” He stayed and played


* * * * *

“Figuring it out … from Laura Wagner on Vimeo.


Urgency seems like an hourly (or less) occurrence these days. There is a lot of urgent shit going down this year, and not paying attention is dangerous on a lot of levels. 

Our brains are overloaded, and if we want to emerge from this time with our minds, bodies, and souls intact, there’s got to be some time to release that pressure. 

Watching a movie and scrolling on the internet might be fun … or distracting, but it’s not playing. 

You don’t have to dance (although I wish you would), but: 

  • You could see how people react if you decide to skip across the parking lot when you go the grocery instead of walking. More importantly, you can see what it feels like to be “that lady/that man over there” and keep right on skipping and smiling.


  • Have a talent show with your family on Zoom.


  • Talk to your animals in different accents.


  • Making one of your very-important-Zoom-meetings a costume party.
Whatever you do … let go of your grown-up “end games” and “outcomes.” 

My kind of recess is disco dancing with my favorite undertaker. What’s yours?

* * * * *

Nailed it ♥️ from Laura Wagner on Vimeo.

* * * * *


Not sure where to start? Well…


  • You don’t gotta try so hard, friend.


  • Watch the Facebook Live below where I “just stopped by” … and everyone who watched pretty much got a free coaching session.


  • And if you want to be in what one client emailed me and said was  “the most uplifting, life- changing and hilarious support groups I’ve ever been in” (I’m so proud) …

Click HERE and get on the waiting list to be a member of the next round of this “support group” (that is also a six week online small group coaching program).  

It is, by design, a tight community of women who are going to thrive instead of survive this year — no woman left behind. 

My work has evolved into a level of mastery, skill, empathy, intuition, and presence that I don’t even understand sometimes — in the best way. 

When your community regularly posts “thank you for being a miracle, Laura,” in their private Facebook group, you know you’ve got the gig God made for you. 

They are my miracles, too.

I bring the alchemy.


(Here’s a link to buy the book I mention in the video: The Joy of Movement: How exercise helps us find happiness, hope, connection and courage – by Kelly McGonigal. If you feel like exercise / movement is “a job,” you owe it to yourself to check this out.)


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