The Once-A-Month-Club: It’s Not What You Might Think

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Hey good people!

It’s Friday and I just got home from seeing my clients. I usually wind down on Fridays and take in the weekend, but I couldn’t let go of the work day without writing about yet ANOTHER miracle session with one of my once-a-month gals.

This Facebook Live replay will give you the whole story about The Once-A-Month-Club, and … read on!

Once a month?

I’m not referring to that time of the month women share in common — no, this once-a-month club is a group of women (they don’t know each other) who work with me 1:1 once a month in my office or via phone sessions.

People often think seeing a counselor or coach is a process where you go in / phone in week after week to work on your life; and yes, I do work with some clients in that way.

One of my (no longer) best kept secrets, though, is that I can work with a woman in a one hour session each month and she can make HUGE strides in her life.

I started noticing over the past few months that women were hiring me and we were purposefully keeping a once-a-month appointment.

We work intensely in that hour, I send her away with homework for the month, and she runs with it.

Stuff that has happened with the once-a-month ladies:

  • New jobs
  • Salary increases
  • Important, game-changing, long-time-coming conversations at work about respect and responsibility
  • New friendships — saying “yes” to women who want to go to dinner, movies and coffee
  • Falling in love after swearing there was “no foreseeable way” that this person was on his / her way into her life
  • Throwing a dinner party for a group of friends for the first time and deciding it will be a quarterly gathering of fun and connection
  • Leases signed for office buildings (BUILDINGS — not just a single space)
  • Quitting soul sucking jobs and answering entrepreneurial dreams with a plan in hand
  • Travel opportunities
  • A soul rattling realization at a regional conference when a dream career was revealed in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Truly healing and moving on after shitty breakups
  • Boundaries with their kids to free up more time to care for themselves
  • Haircuts! My ladies follow Coco Chanel’s revelation that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. Seriously. These women have had at least of foot of hair chopped off.

That’s just the short list, you guys. This work is powerful.

I do powerful work with people and I own it. I know in my bones that I’m only for the ladies who are all-in.

You can’t just “think-I-might-wanna” do something to change or improve your life.

For this to really work, it calls for a high level of personal responsibility.

You don’t show up late.

You don’t cancel frequently.

You have to use OUR time well to prove:

“THIS is what I want — let’s talk about how I can get it, and then I’m going to make small power moves to make it happen.”

If you are that girl, then I am your girl. If you’re not, then just keep watching me online and reading my blog — that might be enough for you.

However, if you want to party serious in this life  lol : ), sign up for a session here to join the once-a-month club.

It’s $125 a session, and soon enough, it will be more because the work calls for that.

It can be a one-and-done session.

Maybe you want to schedule one session a quarter. It doesn’t matter; you get to decide.

I’d love to have you and, as I’ve described, my clients have had amazing results.  

Do you want a smart, practical and thoughtful curriculum to help you nurture your mental and physical well-being that’s a mix of personal development and play.

Are you ready to move and be moved this summer and beyond?



** MOVING is vulnerable and that’s where you’ll find your power. **


Whether you’re moving your body or moving forward in your life, it can feel awkward, exhilarating, badass, shaky and flying high all at once.


I feel all of that when I watch myself here — in love with the comfort of being uncomfortable.


Baby ain’t gonna get nowhere by standing in the corner.


How many more years of your life are you going to let yourself put up with that shit?


I teach women how moving their bodies can help them revolutionize their lives in a six week group coaching program called MOVE And The Way Will Open.


Connect your body and your mind = Amplify Your Entire Life


I’ve got a lot to say about this and I’m on a mission.


Seven years ago, I was fumbling around in the back of the room, shrouding an extra 25 lbs under a tee shirt and laughing while I tried to keep up with the instructor.


And then I moved up a row. And another and another.


Somehow, I ended up in the front of the room teaching and coaching other beautiful women.


Get moving, get awkward, get winded, get wise.


If you are so moved:

  1. Check out MOVE here and sign up.
  2. Get out of your chair and dance.

MOVE begins on Monday, June 25th.

You’ll get six  solid weeks of coaching tools delivered to you: written lessons, challenges, worksheets, journaling questions, videos — and so much more.

You’ll be in a private Facebook community with other members of the group so that you’ll thrive with the combination of my coaching and the connection with other like-minded women.

I’m going to teach you all I know about my passion for movement, how it can change your body, and most of all, how it can and will change your life.

We will talk about nutrition and nourishment.


I’ve taken my background in psychology, coaching and fitness to create this program.


And it’s not just what I know professionally — it’s my way of life.


I limit the number of spots in this program so I can keep the group intimate and connected; I think that is necessary for the women I serve to get the results they deserve.


Do you want to find out more about MOVE and get a fun and free gift I’ve made for you?


It’s gonna make you dance : ) .  


Sign up here and I’ll send some good stuff your way.


If you want to register for MOVE before it’s sold out, you can do that now.


The cost for the six week program is $299.



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