The Secret That Changed My Body and My Life

Join me this Friday, December 8th at 11:30 a.m. EST for a Facebook Live class and conversation.

This week I’ll be talking about what I feel is the secret for how I changed my relationship with my body — really my whole life — when I started what I thought was a path to lose some weight about seven years ago.

I know some of you have that on your mind right now as we go into this time of year. Life gets busier.

Enjoy your celebrations. Find respite and quiet where you need to.

And just consider — if only for a few seconds — what it would mean to give yourself a reprieve from feeling regretful before, during, and after eating.

Are you worried you’ll eat three pieces of cake?

You might do that. Maybe four. If that is what you want.

And you’re still you. You’re still amazing.

You just had some cake. If it was coconut cake, by the way, I might want three pieces — but, I’d probably stop at a piece and a half. And here’s why …

If you saw your version of coconut cake, what might happen if you shelved the restraint around it and didn’t see it as “bad’ or something you “shouldn’t” have. What if was a consciously delicious pleasure? What would that be like?

And if it’s three pieces, you’re still you. And you’re still amazing.

I’m going to talk to about this on Friday at 11:30 a.m. EST on Facebook Live. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and actually, this secret I’m sharing with you on Friday, is one that I just recently discovered myself.

I’ve got big news, too, about the winter MOVE And The Way Will Open program!

Early snowbird : ) registration begins soon and I have some prizes (gift cards! Ba da bing) for those of you who step up and sign up this month.

MOVE is a six week program that begins on January 15th, 2018.

All of this and more on Friday — don’t miss it!


It’s coming — The 2018 MOVE And The Way Will Open group coaching program begins on January 15, 2018.

This time, I have SO much good stuff to add that I’ve extended the MOVE program from 21 days to 6 weeks.

Here’s a preview of what’s included:

  • Six weeks of MOVE lessons delivered to your inbox three times a week. Here are just some of the topics:
  • Muscle memory
  • Progression
  • What To Do When You Feel Unmotivated or Stuck
  • Endurance
  • Body and Thought Sculpting
  • Fuel For The Movement
  • Your Core


  • Inspirational and informative videos with tips, guidance and advice from my thoughtfully chosen guests
  • Four private live MOVE classes on Zoom  where I’ll be coaching you, answering your questions and maybe even teaching mini-fitness classes while we’re online.
  • Group and 1:1 coaching from me within our private MOVE Facebook community. You’ll get connection and accountability with other like-minded women who will become your tribe as you move, shift, grow, recognize, realize, and mobilize your body and your life.

All of this is available to you for $299.

So for what breaks down to just $50 a week, you get a custom program created by me, a psychotherapist, life coach and fitness professional, who is going to teach you what I promise you they’re going to leave out at that gym you’re going to join in January.

I’m giving you lessons packed with information, resources and worksheets that help you understand where you are and make changes to get where you want to go.

You get live classes with me.

You get community and support with the other members.

You get some actual exercise videos with me.

You get my guest experts offering tips, advice and inspiration.

You have an opportunity to work 1:1 with me to augment your group program.

$50 a week, baby.

$7.14 a day dedicated to a loving program of health, fitness, fun and self-discovery that can change your life forever.

All of that … is actually priceless.

You may hire a personal trainer to show you how to take care of your body. I can teach you some of those things, too.

What they can’t impart to you, though, that I can — is personal training for the soul. That’s my magic. That’s why I created MOVE for you.

This season, as you start to get bombarded with messages and ads telling you that your body and weight are “wrong” and you have to be fixed and restricted, hang out with me and I’ll teach you about freedom, movement, fun and evolution.

Aspirational, inspirational and practical coaching. That’s what I do.

This ain’t no diet.

It’s a love story, though.

Hang with me and I’ll show you why … AND registration for this six week program will be opening soon.

In the meantime, here’s what past MOVE participants had to say about how MOVE moved them …

“I know on a deeper level that exercise is for my overall health — mental, emotional and physical — not simply a weight loss tool.”

“I was able to hike over 50 miles with my family during a summer vacation. I took on challenging hikes that I would have been intimidated by before, and I was able to see the most beautiful sights on the other side!”

“I lost 7 lbs. during the program without even trying….and I have this renewed sense of motivation and confidence.”

“One of the major shifts was looking at movement as an act of rebellion. It helped me stop looking at exercise as something that HAD to be done in order to “do the right thing”.  Instead, I was rebelling against unhealthy patterns that I’d grown up around.”

“I love myself more after MOVE — most of all, I feel so proud.”

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