There’s power in the pause.

Thank you to my friend, Ami Lloyd, for sending me this quote earlier in the week with the message, “I thought of you when I saw this. You glow from within.” 


If you needed to see this today, I hope it reminds you:


Don’t let go of your glow.


Last week, I wrote about slowing down and stepping back from: 


  • things I’ve always done…
  • what I once thought I was going to do…
  • what I “should” do…
  • the way other people do it and — maybe that’s how I should do it, and …  
  • I don’t know what the hell to do.


There is power in the pause


A pause, to me, is not a hard stop. 


A pause can be (I love the thesaurus): 


  • Rest
  • Breathing space
  • Recess (aaaayyy!!!)
  • Interlude
  • Hiatus
  • Respite 
  • Reflection 


It gives you a chance to set aside the “should do / might do / could do / failed to do” noise and look around. 


When I took a fresh look around, I ran into a dear friend via Instagram. 

Hadn’t seen her in months … she just arrived on my  scroll one day.

October 2015


That’s my friend, Petra Kolber, and she lights up a room. 


Her vibrant life in New York City was lined up and mapped out for 2020 with flying to speaking gigs, conferences, and deejaying (she knows how to do that : )  … until it wasn’t.


The pause. 


When she showed up in my life again last month, she shared that she was doing something new … one of those, “what will people think? “ new things. Those are always good ones : ) .


It made me happy to see her happy. It also made me curious … but I went on my way. 


I got curious again and returned to her profile … and then went on my way. 


I came back again, and paused. 


I’m so glad I did. 


New things are happening … and they aren’t things I ever planned on or even considered. 

They aren’t things to hurry up the pause, either, which I’ve done many times before if things started to feel too quiet and uncomfortable. 


This is different.

This is pure joy and fun, and I’m here for it.  There’s more to come, but there’s no hurry. 


There’s power in the pause. 


And those pants.

Having a part in the movement to get out the vote for the 2020 election is something I am passionate about during my fall 2020 pause. 


There’s still time for you to get involved and become a part of something powerful. Election officers (poll workers) are still needed for the November 3rd general election day.


I applied in the spring and will be working at a Jefferson County (Louisville) precinct on November 3rd from 4:45 a.m. – ???


Our polling places are usually staffed by retired citizens, but their age group is at greater risk when it comes to the coronavirus, so election officers are desperately needed. 


If you’re curious in the least, go to and find out more information about your state’s needs. 


Not interested in this level of commitment? Well, there’s one thing I know you can do:




Early voting is ideal. 


Or show up for the final stretch on November 3rd.  


Either way, your vote counts. 


And your vote matters. 



My group programs are on pause, but I have some spaces open for new 1:1 clients. 


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