“To a deluxe apartment in the sky…”

Actually, it’s just the second floor of the building, but it’s de-luxe to me.

I’ve moved into a new office and am in the process of moving my clients along with me. I’m a lucky lady: I’ve spent over a year working in what I call “semi-private practice” with my employers, Robert and Shari Stewart. They are supportive and generous individuals as well as skillful and compassionate practitioners; I could not have asked for a more ideal setting to begin practicing. I created my own schedule where I was able to serve my clients as well take care of myself and my family.

I knew at some point, however, that I’d want to leave the nest to stretch and create beyond what I’ve already built. I’m a therapist, a life coach and a writer. I might add other vocations to that list that I haven’t yet discovered and the move gives me the time and space to consider and develop this. I loved all of the ways I was creatively serving others in my career, but it was getting hard to drive back and forth to divide my time between my therapist-self  in the medical office and my coach-self sitting in my home office wearing my headset and Duran Duran tee shirt while talking to a client in southeast Asia.

I used to tell myself I had to choose — that I couldn’t be both or love both equally. I also used to tell myself there wasn’t room for writing if I was going to attempt to counsel and coach, too. I told myself those things while offering my clients the opposite kind of encouragement to create and believe that nothing is too good to be true. I reconsidered my thoughts and made an informed decision. There is a a lot to do, but I can already see that I’ve laid a solid foundation for what’s ahead. If you need me, please join me.

By November 1st, my work life will reside at:

2200 Dundee Road, Suite D

Louisville, KY 40205

(502) 855-6078

There is a coffee house and an ice cream shop across the street from me. Maybe it is a deluxe apartment in the sky.


I am selective when it comes to promoting the work or programs of others in my fields. If I do, I have to believe in what they are doing with every cell in my body; most often, I want to have had my own positive personal experience connected to their work. So it goes with my coaching colleague, Tonya Leigh Williams. I worked one-on-one with another coach last year to jump start my weight loss (and subsequently change my life), but when we went on hiatus, I knew I wanted to connect to something or someone that would help me maintain the momentum of what was happening in my life. I also knew I wanted it to be creative, inspirational, have a sense of community, over-deliver on content and be… well, beautiful. I wanted a beautiful experience to nurture my beautiful life. Did I find it? Girl, please.

Here’s what I said in an email testimonial to Tonya after my 10-week experience in her Slim, Chic and Savvy (SCS) program:

“I will be eternally grateful that this beautiful invitation to the Slim, Chic and Savvy program arrived via email one fall morning. SCS gave me a framework for stepping into the woman I knew was within me, aching to express herself and live her life through meaningful work, beautiful movement, as well as choosing delicious and nurturing foods. Each day, an SCS lesson arrived and affirmed over and over again that freedom, joy and beauty must spring from an internal place. I’ve learned to approach eating with discernment and elegance. Additionally, the SCS forum was a warm and loving space where I could share, laugh, listen, and engage in conversations with such a cool group of women. I loved how different all of us were, but that we built a community of supportive women — we all championed each other. Visiting that forum each day felt like love. As of today, I’ve lost 25 pounds.

All told, I topped out at losing nearly 40 lbs. I know, I know — you’ve heard me proclaim this achievement before, but that is because I know the following to be true: Coaching works. Community is powerful. Taking time for yourself to approach your entire lifestyle and design it — not just “let it happen” — is true love. Take a look at what my Francophile-sister has to offer. Worth every dime, I’m telling you. Bonne nuit, everyone.


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One thought on ““To a deluxe apartment in the sky…”

  1. Gosh, i truly wish you practiced in Atlanta GA. You read awesome. Jlop