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2017: Amplify  
2018: Grounded
2019: Purpose
2020: Read on …

A few years ago, somewhere in the world of life coaching, I stumbled upon the concept of choosing a “word of the year.” 

That guided me in the direction of a great discovery tool created by the founder of a life coaching company called Uplevel You named Christine Kane. 

You can access the same tool here to help you choose the one word that will be your North Star for 2020. 

So why choose a word of the year versus, say, making resolutions (or in addition to making resolutions)? 

Personally, I put resolutions aside when I started choosing a word to guide my year. 

Resolutions, for me, seem to be about a certain area of focus, while a word of the year can be applied to nearly anything in your life and used as a guidepost. 

For example, I can take any of my words from past years, apply them to a number of areas of my life, and connect with my goals and desires. 


  • How can I amplify (2017) my fitness level this month? 
  • Does eating this keeps me grounded (2018) in my goals for nourishment and nutrition? 
  • The purpose (2019) behind scheduling my workouts every week is so I remain committed to optimal physical and mental health. 

You can be as specific or as broad as you want to be when you tap into your word and the meaning behind it. 

So, dig into the Christine Kane discovery tool or check out the list above to see what resonates with your goals or resolutions. Do some writing about your word and how you want it to fit into your life.

I decided on my 2020 word during the last week of December.  was still deciding on my 2020 word.  The word of the year for the start of a new decade needs to be solid!

Some possibilities were: 

  • Devotion
  • Expansion
  • Action 

And there was one other choice that came out of nowhere, and I knew this was it:

It’s majestic and full of promise. It scares the shit out of me in the best way. It can be about anything and everything I do. 

It will be about the way that I take every facet of my life to a new level of happiness, health, success, abundance, and confidence that I have not yet known. 

We’ve opened the door to a new decade, and I’ve got some things coming your way soon that will you take your life to unprecedented levels. And, if you haven’t already connected with me online, you can find me here:

I post something almost every single day on social media that’s inspirational, motivational, educational or just plain “here’s a fun slice of my life.”

Happy New Year! Live up to the spirit that is within you.

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