Tuesday is the new Friday.


A couple of weeks ago, I saw my friend Kara at our neighborhood pool and she told me she was going to send me an invitation to a dinner party she was hosting at her home.

Her family would be out of town and she was wanted to use one of those nights of her time alone to bring a group of women together to share a meal, wine and conversation. Some of us knew each another, while some of us were meeting one another for the first time. Nine of us made the time to gather this week and it was a lovely evening.

It was what I like to call “the extraordinary ordinary.” Our hostess created a beautiful table that we could tell was prepared with thoughtfulness and love. It was both casual and elegant. The food was fresh, gorgeous and delicious. It wasn’t complicated (or Kara and her neighbor made it look easy), but it was nourishing and nurturing. And then there was that freezer fudge with almond butter…if I can get the recipe for it, I will post it…it’s special to me : ) and I like to share.

It came up more than once that evening that a Tuesday night was the perfect choice, since it could have been weeks or even months before many of us could collectively free up a weekend night. And it was nice to have something special to look forward to on a weeknight.

Kara placed cards at each place with questions all of us could answer and discuss: favorite local restaurants, Pandora stations and best places we’ve ever visited (I’ve posted some of those below) — I love that kind of stuff.

At the end of the night before I left, Kara told me that when she had attended my vision board workshop in January of this year, she pulled a phrase from a magazine:

“Put a little Friday into your Tuesday night.” 

I was so moved to hear that — I had nothing to do with her choosing that particular thought; I just hosted that night to bring women together in my own way. I was moved because she said yes to that piece of her vision for herself this year and literally made it happen — and invited other women along for the experience. That’s what really cool.

So thank you Kara, Jill, Britney, Ami, Katrina, Carole, Christen and Laura — we all need a little Friday on a Tuesday night throughout our lives. I’m so glad we got to spend this one together.

For you, dear reader:

How can you put a little Friday into your Tuesday (or Monday, Wednesday — and Thursday, unless you’re like me and that almost feels like a Friday)? Consider that, and if you’re so inclined, post your thoughts in the comments below.

And what about favorite local restaurants? Several of the same spots got many votes. Here are some I remember

And it was fun to share one of my favorite Pandora stations: Hotel Costes Radio.

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