What was or will be your turning point?

What was OR what will be your turning point?

“For some, a turning point comes with a firm decision to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. For others, a career change or a turn to entrepreneurship sends them in a new direction. And there are those who ask themselves if the life they are living is the life they wanted and take steps to make it so.

My life turned on all three.

I am honored to be featured in Today’s Woman, a local women’s magazine, for their monthly Turning Point feature.

Women who’ve made extraordinary changes in their lives are interviewed and featured to share their story and hopefully inspire other women to make positive life changes.

Writer Lucy Pritchett wrote my story and I don’t know if I could have told it more beautifully myself. Read it here.



Looking back, what was a turning point in your life — a defining moment or set of moments that changed how you ultimately live your life now? Why? How? What happened as a result?

If you don’t feel like you’ve experienced that catalyst for change or transformation and maybe you’re yearning for that, what might be a turning point for you that’s on its way?

It doesn’t always to be an ominous “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment. Maybe it’s a birthday or other milestone that coming up where you are saying to yourself, “This will be a threshold for doing things differently.”

I’m always helping women with their turning points in the work that I do, so if you’re ready to dig in, contact me to set up a free consultation.


Last week, I told you that I moved my practice office to a new location in Louisville. I showed you a video of what it looked like before I got in there and Laura’d it up : ); and I told you I’d share a video and photos of the new and improved place, so here we go!

Here’s a video of moving day, along with a couple of “after” photos:

Finally, I am accepting 
two new clients who want to work with me in this fabulous clean and well-lit space. Interested? Email me at laura@laura-wagner.com and let’s talk.



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