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Last week, I had the opportunity to be on a speaking panel for Today’s Woman Magazine’s 28th birthday party / Galentine’s Day celebration. 


I knew it was going to be a wonderful night, and it did not disappoint. 


I had the honor of sharing that stage with a group of extraordinary women: we all have different backgrounds, careers, and ways of living our lives each day. Our common thread, however, was the power of our individual stories. 

It’s an amazing synergy to witness a woman share her story with courage, confidence, vulnerability, and wisdom … AND, watch the audience recognize themselves in the experiences and spirit of her story. 

I see the deepest connections between women form when stories are shared — things like: 

  • This is how I grew up. 
  • These were the best things that have happened in my life. 
  • I experienced challenges — even tragedy — and here’s what I learned and how I decided to rise. 
  • Here’s what it’s like to raise a family and do work I’m passionate about. 
  • What inspires me most is …
  • The person who has influenced me most is … 
  • One thing I do every single day that makes my life better is…

You also have a personal narrative for every single one of those bullet points, and the rewards can be so rich when you offer stories to others. 

It’s a risk. 

It’s being vulnerable. 

It’s also “being in the arena” and living an expansive life.

You’re not in the cheap seats watching the game; you’re in it. 

Some people want that “arena” kind of life, and others don’t. You get to decide who you want to be, and that’s the beauty of it.

No matter what, I urge you to consider your life story — just for yourself, if connecting with others who share themselves at that level isn’t what you’re comfortable with right now. 

The greatest wisdom you’ll gain in life will not be what others show you, teach you, or give to you. 

You and your life are your greatest teachers. 

I was definitely in the arena on February 13th. 

When I answered emcee Rachel’s Platt’s question about what makes me the woman I am today versus 10 years ago, she wanted me to say more. 

** Click here to watch this three-minute video about what I had to say:

For someone who was literally sick-to-my-stomach-terrified when I did my very first TV appearance eight years ago as a therapist talking about family dynamics (I did great) … this is a complete transformation.

These days, I might as well be Freddie Mercury walking into Live Aid compared to throwing up in TV station’s bathroom minutes before going on the air Christmas Eve 2012 (when probably 57 people were watching).

Today, I know I will speak to as many people about living their best life, for the rest of my life.

And “athlete of the mind”?? I had no idea I was going to say that, but the words flow when you speak your truth with passion. 

“Athlete of the mind” is actually one of the chapters in my book I started writing this week. 

There — I said it. 

I’ve been wanting to write a book — a short book; it doesn’t even need to be 100 pages. Or 80. I just know I want to hold it in my hands, and let you hold it in your hands, too. 

I’ve dreamed of this since I was eight years old, but I felt I didn’t know what I wanted to say. I’ve made stops-and-starts for the past two years, but none of the content felt like “the one.” 

When I create something with my work — whether it’s a process, program, event, or even a blog post — I know it’s the one when I feel like I can’t stop thinking about it, talking about it and working on it.

I have on what I think of as “passion blinders” — the only direction I’m moving is forward. 

When I created my Level Up 1:1 Mind / Body coaching program last fall, I knew it was the one.

I thought, “How could a woman, longing to become devoted to a better quality of life, not want to experience this?”  

I wrote about it on every platform I could find and talked about it constantly on social media. If people were tired of seeing it or hearing about it, well — they had an index finger. Scroll on.

So, I have those passion blinders on right now, and I know exactly what my book is about. 

I know the story I want to tell. 

I have so much content that I have to leave myself voice memos when I’m in the Trader Joe’s parking lot or sitting at a stoplight. 

My intention is self-publishing in time for Valentine’s Day 2021. 

Reframe: I will self-publish my book (it will be in print — with a cover, and a dedication, chapters, graphics, acknowledgments — all the things). 

It will drop on Valentine’s Day 2021. 

Do not wait on your life to deliver what you’re longing for.

Become an athlete — mind and body (and that looks as individual as your fingerprint) —  so you have the energy and tenacity to stand in the arena. 

* * * * *

If you think it’s always easy, fierce, and fun for me when it comes to being an athlete of the mind and body … 

I can assure you that, like many things in life, it’s a perfectly imperfect journey.



My body is my guide, and sometimes, it offers me physical and mental wisdom that I did not ask for.

When I talk about “leveling up,” you need to know that it’s not just about how long I can hold that plank pose, or keep my habits and routines smooth and unshakeable. 

Leveling up is not just about action.

The heart of becoming an athlete of the body and mind is about a deep level of commitment and respect for your whole being … even when — especially when  — (as in my case), it brings you to your knees. 

While I feel kind of beat up, and even broken some days, I’ve also never been more intellectually, mentally, physically and emotionally intact than I am right now, to deliver a process and a promise to help you change your life. 

Level Up is not just a few sessions I’ve thrown together and given a name.

It’s a life-changing program and a process I’ve created from almost 20 years of personal and professional experience. 

For a limited time, you can invest in four weeks of powerful coaching  — have me all to yourself — for $799

In March 2020, I’m leveling up, because I’m owning my excellence and what I’m bringing to my work. The price will be $997

If you want to talk to me before you make that kind of investment in your life, let’s make that happen. 

Click here to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. 


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