{VIDEO} Living When Life Changes By The Hour

Welcome to this week’s blog via video … 

I kept writing this sentence over and over again because it’s so hard to put what’s happening in the world right now into words.

By the time you read this, there will have been daily — hourly — changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope we will see some positive developments that will help us through this unfathomable time we are all living through.

I am here.

I am with you.

I get scared, too; and, one of the best ways for me to cope is by being of service to others.

Throughout this time, I will do what I always try to do with my life and my work: I will offer you the best of what I know as a mental health professional, citizen, woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.

This week, I am sharing three ways to help yourself (and others) during this crisis. 

These are unique circumstances that have halted our careers, our mobility — even our most basic human need to be in the presence of one another, in close proximity. We are not with others in public places, and we’ve gone from hugging one another to bumping elbows, to keeping six feet of distance away from our friends and neighbors — all in the span of a week.

There is no right way to cope with this; we are all learning.

I hope this message from me offers you comfort and a sense of empowerment.

Don’t release your persistence. Don’t live in hopelessness.

This is our truth:

The human race always has, and always will, find a way. 

This is not conjecture. 

We are living, breathing evidence of that every single day the sun rises and sets. 

** CLICK HERE to access and download a PDF worksheet with the grounding exercise I mentioned in the video. 

** NOTE:  By the time you watch this video, we may even be living with a higher level of constraints in terms of if and/or how we go outside of our homes during this time. 

That said, if my presence in this video isn’t aligned with the current protocol when you watch this, please know that it is a recording from the past, and I have pivoted to align with the latest guidelines or directives. In short — don’t send me emails or messages to advise or admonish me with any warnings or judgments. Let’s do the best we can for the greater good — including ourselves — and support one another. 


I am offering a free, 20-minute coaching call: Comfort and Connect

These calls are for those who want a brief exchange with me for comfort and encouragement. My hope is that you’ll also walk away with a simple strategy to work through this unprecedented time. 

NOTE: This is not a “session” where we can take a deep dive and unravel all of the things I know many of us are feeling; I have other options if that is something you need at this time. 

Think of Comfort and Connect as a safe place to take a deep, hopeful breath, and move forward. A spark in the dark.

The only way to schedule this is by contacting me at laura@laura-wagner.com

Put “Comfort and Connect appointment” in the subject line of your email, and I will reply with a private scheduling link. 

I am offering only eight (8) Comfort and Connect appointments, so don’t wait to reserve your time. 

When they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Of course, I had no idea when my new BFF Kim Strobel interviewed me about resilience and adversity last month … that we would be living through tremendous, collective adversity. 

I look for bright spots in the dark all of the time, and I’d like to think this podcast episode is one of them I can share with you. 

Click here to listen. I hope I give you something to hold onto. 


Are we connected online? 

Let’s do it!

RIGHT NOW: We need to lean into community and connection now more than ever. 

In my private Facebook community, Women On The MOVE, I am giving you just that. 

Not only am I offering you coaching, connection, inspiration and motivation — I am also posting resources for resilience, AND sharing my skills as a certified fitness professional. 

The gyms may be closed, but you have access to free, uplifting, effective and inspiring workouts created just for you … by me.

 I’m legit. : ) 

The only way to access my group is to send a request: 

You can also find me at: 

Take care of you so we can take care of each other – 


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