{VIDEO} The best of the worst

Welcome to this week’s blog via video … 

This week, I am sharing the story of two of the hardest periods in my life, which happened to involve my home.

And I’m not talking about my house-in-Louisville-home —  I’m talking about the “home” that is my body.

My permanent address. 

In two different decades, I waded through the pain and frustration of my body not being able to do something it was designed to do. 

Here’s what happened (and is happening now):

I am just like anyone else when it comes to doubt, loss, pain, and grief; it sucks and I don’t want it to feel any of those feelings ever again.

Asking “why?” never gave me satisfying answers or a solution, but it’s only human to want an explanation and direction when things are falling apart. 

What I know for sure is that it takes time, patience, anger, impatience, love, isolation and connection, to wade through the worst of times. 

I’ll always mourn what were once the secret losses of four of my pregnancies in the early 2000s. 

There were no “best” or triumphant moments in that unfolding tragedy. There was no “everything happens for a reason.” 

I thought those days would break me; as in, I was almost sure the cumulative circumstances would ignite some sort of permanent depression. 

But, something ended up making me stronger.  

But, I came through stronger. 

Because I embraced my “broken” parts: sorrow, vulnerability, sensitivity, and most of all,  my unending hope against hope …

 I came through stronger. 

That growth is the best of me. 

This is why I know that the current body challenge I am facing is not an obstacle … It’s the way. 

This spring — you can find your way: 


Mind. Muscle. Miracles. 


What is the story of you and your body? 

How do you tell that story — not just to other people, but to yourself?

How do you live it each day?

If it’s not what you want it to be … change it. 

You do not have to do this alone; that’s why I’m here. 

I can help you design an empowered mindset, move your body, and select and solidify habits that work for your life. 

And here’s the best part … 

Creating and claiming optimal physical and mental health is the path to living out everyday miracles like these: 

  • Getting up early to go for your daily walk or run without any mental negotiation. 
  • Saying “no” to certain obligations is saying “yes” to what you truly want. 
  • You realize you do “have time.” 
  • You submit that article or start writing your book.
  • You stop managing your body and start caring for it. 
  • You start wearing things you love now instead of “waiting until … “
  • You stop explaining yourself for … well, just about anything. You just do what you need to do. 

What we will do together with your thoughts, habits, movement, and progression, is going to be as unique in your handprint. 

Work with me to level up, and realize the ultimate miracle and my highest intention for you:

You will learn that the person you can trust more than anyone else in the world … is yourself.

Stay with me. 

The doors to this 1:1 coaching program will open in the coming weeks. 

** Spots for Level Up: Mind. Muscle. Miracles. will be limited because I’m doing intensive, tailored work for each and every woman who gets on board. 

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Have a great week!


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  1. Brooke Knego

    I enjoy reading your stories!