Want more hours in the day? You just got an extra 24.

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day…”

I help accomplished and high-achieving women with strategies to define and design their unique plan for optimal physical and mental health. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman enjoy the life she’s created, versus lamenting that there just aren’t enough hours in a day … and she’s always going to be the first one on the cancellation list when 24 hours aren’t enough. 

When claiming an hour of time feels like too much for a client, I scale it back to “What about a ½ hour?” 

If I still get pushback, I’ll stop using the words  “hours” and “minutes” and go with another strategy:

“Can you give yourself 1% of your day?”

I can always tell who’s doing the math in her head before saying “yes” right away because 1% sounds too easy.


That’s less than 15 minutes, but I let those overachievers (takes one to know one) round up.

I want it to sound “easy,” because I want them to feel successful. 

And saying, “I can’t even give myself 1% of my day” sounds … well, damn; just stay in that bathroom stall a few extra minutes every time you go pee, girl. Life is hard, but you can get your 15 in.

So far, those who’ve taken me up on the 1% challenge don’t always give 15 minutes. 

They start with 15 minutes, and then they often — intentionally or n0t– go on to 20 … 25 … 30 minutes, etc. 

You can always do more than you think you can before you start. 

You got a gift yesterday that we don’t receive each year. 

This is a leap year (they come every four years), so you have an extra 24 hours in 2020. 

You might be thinking, “Well, that’s cute, but that was gone yesterday. You’re late.”

No, I’m not. 

It’s never too late to look at those hours and decide that you have 24 extra hours to sprinkle over the rest of the year. 

And you know what? You don’t have to spend it all in one place. 

What if you gave yourself 1% of your bank account of 24 hours throughout the rest of this year?

There are four, 15 minutes intervals in an hour, which means you could try four different things an hour. 

If you did that every day of the week for a week, you’d be at 28%. I think… math is hard. 

Anyway, you can do that or spread it all out over the next nine months. 

So what do you do with only 15 minutes?

There are plenty of interesting, fun, useful, creative and healthy ideas. 


Here are 24 things you can do with 1% of your day: 


1. Go outside. Don’t take your phone. Walk out your front door, or leave your office building. Just breathe something besides indoor air and clear your head.

2. Breathe on purpose. The 4-7-8 exercise has helped me get to sleep many nights in less than 15 minutes.

3. Write a personal note and put it in the mail. Write it to someone who has no reason to expect it, but it will make their day. I’ve never met someone who said, “I hate getting kind and thoughtful handwritten notes in the mail.” 

4. Write a gratitude list. 15 things. What you focus on grows.

5. Watch an inspirational TED Talk.

6. Learn a new word every day. Challenge yourself to use it (in a way that makes sense lol) in one conversation and one email.

7. Need a visual?  If you’ve never visited Daily Infographic, be prepared to spend more than 1% of your day there learning new things you never knew you wanted to know – all with graphics, colors, charts and bite-size facts. You’re welcome. I hope.

8. Clear a space. Instead of an entire room, pick one shelf or one drawer;  put like-things together, color coordinate, throw away shit that’s broke. Feel satisfied, and leave it at that.

9. Meditate. I’m a big fan of Headspace and Calm. Find “express” (as little as 1 minute) meditations for those of us who think “it doesn’t work for me.”

10. Read a book. Don’t do it by chapter or number of pages. Just give it 1%

11. Stretch.

12. Join my private Facebook community, Women On The MOVE, and comment on one of my On The Daily posts.

13. Drink water. You can get in one of your eight, 8 oz. glasses recommended per day.

14. Listen to a podcast episode. My friend Kim Strobel has a great one called She Finds Joy. I was a guest last week, so subscribe and you’ll hear that episode when it drops later this month. <

15. Clean your car. I spend time in my car like it’s a room in my house. It’s very satisfying to see the results of dusting and vacuuming every couple of months. *And wipe down your steering wheel, t00 — especially if you can’t help but want to be grossed out by certain things. I’m telling you, the cloth will be black when you’re done.<

16. Office/desk yoga. 14 minutes. Less than 1% of your day.

17. Make a Spotify playlist of new songs. Click “Genres & Moods” or “Discover Weekly.”

18. Take a solo photo walk. Give yourself a theme or something to look for: doorways, movement, advertising, overhead, or signs of spring. Make a collage on an app like Pic Jointer, and see what you’ve got.

19. Declutter your wallet. Toss / recycle receipts or organize them. Put your I.D. and frequently used cards where you’d automatically reach for them. Most importantly, organize your crushed, weirdly folded, or hidden cash. Get your money where you can see it, so more can find you. Don’t have any cash in there? Put a $20 bill inside and hang onto it for a while. See what that feels like.

20. Look up local classes or events you might be interested in. Meetup will lead you to just about any kind of group you can possibly imagine — including my monthly women’s group for connection and personal development called the You Can Sit With Us Women’s Collective  (our first meetup is 3/26).

21. Detox your social media. Cruise through your friends on Facebook or what / who you follow on Instagram; and, if you don’t remember who or what it is or why it’s there, let go of it. Let in what interests you and lifts you up.

22. Select your clothes and other needed items for the next day. Put all of it in the same place every night. I’ve been doing this as a habit for over five years, and that 1% each day has given me hours  — probably weeks — of time to use that I didn’t spend scrambling around each morning.

23. Delete apps you’re not using. Set a time limit on your phone so it will tell you, “no, we’re closed — it’s after-hours” (something like that : ) when you’re in bed trying to get one more Instagram scroll in.

24. Don’t do anything. Just sit. Stare. Think. You don’t even have to give it a name, like “meditating.” We don’t have to fill every spare moment with learning, clearing, connecting or purpose. It’s good to see what that feels like every once in a while, even for just 1% of a day.


Do you need inspiration, motivation and a plan (or an updated plan) for taking care of yourself and feeling good in your mind and your body this year? 

Start by giving me 1% and, I promise, we’ll change your life. 

That’s the foundation you need to LEVEL UP.

I have a 30 day 1:1 coaching program where I will help you design an empowered mindset, move your body, and select and solidify habits that work for your life. 

  • I do not do diet bullshit. 
  • I do not give you “x”-is-the-way-to-work-out-for-results hype. 
  • I do not teach you that if you “mess up” and don’t eat a specific ratio of food one day and move particular body parts on another day, you’re “doing it wrong.” (Yep. I was confused about that, too). 

What I see over and over again with my clients who have diet hangovers is this:

 If it has rules, it’s not sustainable. Or enjoyable. 

And so that’s why you quit, and you kick your own ass. 

What we will do together with your thoughts, habits, movement, and progression, is going to be as unique in your handprint. 

Want to know more? 

To Level Up, click here and sign up today. 

To find out about other coaching options I offer, set up a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking here. 

Are we connected online? Let’s do it!


I post something almost every single day on social media that’s inspirational, motivational, educational or just plain “here’s a fun slice of my life.”

Have a great week!

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