Want to get lucky? First, take a look at what’s working.



Most of the time when I work with people, they don’t reach out to make that initial connection because all is well in life.

Sometimes they’re in crisis. They’ll say they’re “done” with whatever the business at hand is. That might be a relationship. A way of life. An environment. A situation.

“Done” as in, they are willing to take personal responsibility to make changes. Sometimes, they’re not really in a crisis-oriented place, but more of an “aha moment” state of mind.

Or they’re fighting against resignation and stepping up to a willingness to believe there is another way than what they’ve been doing (which isn’t working).

And you know the place I start in the work? It’s not a list of changes, interventions or strategies to get their lives out of perceived ditches they’re in.

 I want to know what’s working. 

What’s worth going the distance when you say you’re “done?” Something must be, because if you’re calling me, then you’re not really done. Hell, we’re just getting started.

Is there something in that relationship that worth fighting for instead of fighting with?

If your place of employment is also known as “the place where dreams go to die,” then why are you still there? And I ask that not in a facetious way — but really, does it contribute to your well-being in terms of having your home, food, transportation, continuity/routine — anything?

A lot of us, myself included at times, want to dive into the muck of what is wrong with our lives, our bodies, our work or our relationships. Don’t misunderstand me — I’m interested in looking under the hood of what’s not going well, but I can promise you that there’s so much to be learned about what changes can be made by first recognizing what is working.

What’s right.

What’s worth holding onto.

What gave you just enough hope to call me and tell me you’re done.


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2 thoughts on “Want to get lucky? First, take a look at what’s working.

  1. Karen Mayer

    Great things are happening all around us. It’s nice for have a forum to share. I spend time daily tutoring my grandson which brings me much happiness and just glad I can help. He lives in SC but we’re making it work through FaceTime. I also have daily conversations with my daughter in CA to brainstorm or whatever she needs as she is starting her new business. This brings me great joy knowing I can help. I am so grateful for these opportunities to assist.

    1. Karen – it’s always so good to hear from you and how you create what you want in your life! And I’m so glad you connected me to that awesome daughter of yours, too!