Want to move Into Your Lavish Sense of Style? Find the entire series here!

What a week! I had so much fun last week teaching new master coaches at Boss University with my partner, Susan Hyatt.

And, sharing a brand new style series with you: “Moving Into Your Lavish Sense of Style.”

So many women have asked how I have evolved into my sense of style so dramatically over the past five years that I wanted to share that journey with you — because it’s not just about the style itself. Developing my lavish sense of style is directly related to my personal development journey and my coaching perspective.

Style is an inside job that sends a message about who you are to the world. Most importantly, it can be as personal and evolutionary (revolutionary, perhaps) as your inner growth.

Embrace it. Play with it. Shine.

The first video focused on how personal development and personal style go hand-in-hand (or shoe-to-shoe :). I talk about why developing your sense of style is truly an inside job plus one of my early style-defining moments: Ruining a pair of shoes. Really.

In Day 2, we focused on how to play dress-up in your own closet. It’s not always about spending money or going shopping in fancy boutiques. Sometimes, developing your lavish sense of style starts with what you already own.

With video three, I talk about how style evolves in layers and big leaps. One of my signature style pieces is my platinum bob but it didn’t show up overnight. I tell you the story of the bob to bombshell: Evolving and then leaping into the platinum life.

For video four, it’s all about shape. I’m sure you’ve heard how “critical” it is to identify your shape: Apple. Pear. Hourglass. Oval. Triangle. I call BS – don’t let a magazine name your shape. Instead, get out there and get to know your body.

Move your body. See how she lifts, runs, spins, reaches, walks and squats. Make a commitment to grow into a relationship of respect with your body versus tallying up everything she isn’t.

See how that feels for you. And then, dress and adorn accordingly.

In the final video, I give you both the practical and the mindset tips I use each and every day to live my lavish sense of style. I answer the question: “How does she do it?”

Here’s what knowing and embracing my sense of style looks like on an average day. Let’s put an outfit together and play!

I also have a brand new mini course for you on how to get started building your own LAVISH life. I’d love for you to join me! Sign up here!

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