What Moves You Monthly {August}

Welcome to a new feature I’ve created to share with you each month.

I’m calling it “What MOVES You Monthly” where I share my thoughts and experiences and invite you to do the same. It’s a great coaching exercise.

These are inspirational moments, people, places and things that have moved me in my life. And by “move,” it can anything from a moment in time, an interaction, art, or actual physical movement.

Calling attention to this is a reminder for me to be present and acknowledge what is extraordinary in my life.

Just as important, I want you to do the same. Take a few moments to consider what has moved you in your life in the past few weeks, days, or even hours. Acknowledge it.

Most importantly: Write it down. It’s very powerful to put pen to paper (not typing) when you do this. It solidifies things in your mind in a different way.

It’s also a form of a gratitude exercise that, when you do it consistently, can create movement in your own life.

When you see and proclaim the goodness that you have, you can move forward and attract even more.

Here are my August MOVING moments.

My family at luau in Kauai: That family photo was taken at Luau Kalamaku in Kauai. My son is adopted and was born in Hawaii nine years ago. My husband and I made a vow that we would return there with our family to show him his birthplace and connect him to the rich culture of Hawaii. One of the most moving experiences we had was attending that luau and watching a theatrical presentation of those who came to Hawaii and settled there. My son was so proud; I never want to forget that.

Star plank on Hanalei Bay beach: Everywhere I travel in the world, I keep my commitment to movement. I try to exercise when I can and try new things. In Hawaii, we went paddle boarding — something I’d never done before. I always like to document my fun fitness moments when I’m out and about in the world. On this day, I had my daughter take a last minute photo of me in this plank before we left the beach. I am moved to see my strength and sense of play in this photo.

The Descendants: My family saw this movie when it was released five or six years ago. It’s an excellent, moving film about a family on Hawaii. George Clooney and his two daughters are saying goodbye to their wife / mother who’s is in the hospital as the result of a boating accident. And George’s character is also making a pivotal decision about selling Hawaiian land his family has inherited. Much of the film was made in Kauai, so we watched it again to see places we know and love so much.

My little travelers: This is a photo of my 16 year old and my 9 year old asleep on one leg of the many flights we took to and from Kauai. Each way was a 15 to 18 hour journey; it is not an easy place to get to from where we live. My kids traveled like champs — they walked the terminals with few complaints, didn’t flinch when it came to any flight turbulence and were actually very kind to one another. I was so moved by the two of them sleeping next to each other on the second leg of our flight (there were three), that I had to capture that moment.

My worldwide topless tour: I started a tradition with myself when I started traveling a lot a couple of years ago. If the weather is right and I am near a body of water, I get someone to take a photo of me jumping into the water after I’ve abandoned my swimsuit top. Why do I do it? I’m moved by my sense of playfulness, freedom and security with my body. These are really leaps of celebration I take. I am a 46 year old woman in a body I love, in a beautiful setting, and with people I love. I can think of nothing more exuberant than jumping into that joy.

What moves you?

Think of at least five things you’ve experienced or seen this month and write them down. Pull up those photos to remind you.

I will be posting this blog and question on Facebook today and I will invite you to share your answers.


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