What Was The One Thing?

People love to ask that question.

We like to ask it when we’ve witnessed or heard about someone achieving something spectacular or transforming their lives somehow.

There’s something within us — maybe we’ve seen it in movies too many times — that leads us to think that a person had to have one defining moment or a certain process or habit that catapulted them forward and that keeps them humming along.

What I’ve found to be true for myself and for other people who’ve made changes in their lives, is that it often doesn’t boil down to just one thing, one event, or one moment.

I’ve even tried to pin myself down to a definitive “this was when evvvverything changed” story for myself. The years of my miscarriages and infertility. The year we adopted our son. The third semester of graduate school. Perimenopause. Lol.

Or when people ask me how I lost over 35 pounds over five years ago and have grown into a higher level of health and fitness now more than any other time in my life, I sometimes want to have smooth and silky answer about a certain workout, way of eating, thinking, or being.

The truth for me is that everything changed because of all of those events I just mentioned; and even more so with what’s transpired in the past few years of my life.

Everything is always changing because that is what life is; we have lots of defining moments that arrive into the rhythms of our days.

The real change occurs when we decide how we’re going to define those defining moments.

The truth about the regard I have for my body and how I take care of it is that it’s hundreds of small decisions every day.

A decision about what I will put on my plate and concentrating on how much of it my body needs.

A decision to schedule my workouts just like any other important appointment in my life.

A decision to try new things to see what my body can do.

A decision about what I can make a number on a scale mean about me.

I think this is all really good news. If it was just one thing we all had to experience or do in order to progress and grow in our lives, it would make the human experience of change and transformation a boring formula.

And we aren’t boring; we are captivating, multi-faceted human beings who can do amazing things. We have many stories that have formed who we are and lots of decisions and habits in front of us that can support the goals we say we want.

Today, make a list of the “one things” in your life that make you who you are and that can help you move forward in your life each day of this year.

Look at those “one things” and see how you now have a story. You now have the makings of a plan.

Take it and run with it; edit and rearrange as you learn and sometimes re-learn.

There is indeed “one thing” that I can say for sure will happen with this: If you stay with your “one things” and you stay with yourself (conscious and tenacious), then you and your life are gonna change.

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