What will you pre-member on December 31st?

What will you pre-member on December 31st?

Here’s photographic evidence that the first She MOVES retreat was a beautiful success.

The 15 women in attendance created simple and significant plans to make the fourth quarter of this year exactly what they want it to be.

If they want to slay, they shall slay.

If they want to stroll into the end of the year with a sense of softness, they shall snuggle in and do just that.

They’ll receive some letters they wrote to themselves dated December 31st, 2018 around January 1st, 2019 to affirm all they’ve done in October, November, and December.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Laura Wagner production without some form of movement integrated into the day.

The grand finale surprise to cap the day was a smashing, body positive belly dancing presentation with a lesson for the ladies woven in.

Thanks to Beverly Caceres to making that a special treat for our group.

And thank you to all of the women who believed in my work and, most of all, believed in themselves to create the lives they want.


If you sent yourself a letter dated December 31st, 2018, and everything that you want to happen in your life in October, November, and December was written as if it had happened, what would your letter say?

This is called a “pre-cap” or “pre-membering” and it’s a great coaching exercise to manifest the things you say you want.

You write that letter as “so be it” or “this is what happened” — not a “I hope this came to pass.”

I wrote mine on December 16th, 2017 for this entire year and every other month, I’ll check in on myself to see where my predictions have taken me.

It is uncanny how on-the-mark my year has been in relation to that letter. Some things are just as I predicted, while others may have taken a detour, but landed me in just the spot I was wanting. Amazing.

Try it.

Date a letter December 31st, 2018 and write the rest of your year.

Give yourself all of the details — the places you’ll go, the things you’ll create, the way you’re dressed, the job you have, the interactions and what is going to be said — dig in and do all of it.

It may feel strange to do it, but let yourself go. I can almost guarantee you that much of your pre-membered life is going to come true.

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