What would you do right now if you were already the woman you want to be?

Do you ever imagine yourself in the future — inhabiting your life, your relationships or your body in a way that makes you proud and feels full of promise?

Don’t let that go. Don’t write that vision of yourself off as wistful or wishful thinking.

It’s neither. What if it’s your highest self — the soul of who you are — rising up within you to show yourself what’s possible?

I shall be a woman who wears a scarf and moto jacket in Paris : )
I shall be a woman who wears a scarf and moto jacket in Paris : )

I teach and encourage people to open themselves up to that vision and begin to live it now versus waiting for the time to arrive when they’ll feel like they’re worthy of it.

The time is now. So what does that look like?

Let’s say you’re a woman who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, but you shroud your body in baggy clothes and tell yourself you will wait until you lose a certain amount of weight in order to venture out for fresh air and exercise. And please…forget the mirrored room of a fitness class.

If you stepped into the woman you want to be on this very day instead of weeks or months from now, what would it mean to you to take time to go through your closet and find something to wear that enlivens you? Something where you might find yourself pulling your shoulders back with pride as you move throughout your day?

What if you stopped talking yourself out of working out and headed out for a walk for at least 10 minutes? And if you’re still pissed about going for a walk after 10 minutes, you can go home and try again tomorrow. But what if you don’t get pissed? What if you keep going? For 30 minutes. And then you do it again the next day.

Those are just a couple of examples of inhabiting the woman you want to be right now. And why do this? Isn’t it just a game of pretend — a way of denying what is or avoiding?

It’s not and I’ll tell you why.

What we aspire to does not land on us; we have to create it and it starts whenever you want it to start. And the more you live in the mind and the skin of the woman you believe deep in your heart that you could be, the more you will see that you are her.

In fact, this woman you hope to be isn’t in another body, another job or another relationship — she is and has always been who you are. We may get lost sometimes and turn away from her. It’s okay. She doesn’t leave — because she is your essence. Get to know her deeply and how she will live right now.

Want to dive a little deeper into this process? Click the PDF link below for a worksheet where you can answer some intriguing and fun questions about yourself and how you want to be in the world.

The Woman I Want to Be


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