What’s Already There

What's Already There

Almost two weeks ago, I held my Women, Wine and Vision workshop for over 45 women. I guided them through a creative process that allowed them to dream about what was possible for their lives and literally create a vision around that.

It didn’t have to have to be logical.

It didn’t have to make sense to anyone but them (and even if it didn’t make sense to them right away, it was still okay).

And it for damn sure didn’t need to be practical.

I just wanted it to be their own wild and precious dive into the woman they wanted to be in words and images.

I was touched and inspired by what they created and shared with me and one another — bodacious awesomeness about travel, friendships, sex, dream careers, physical spaces, marriages, playfulness and freedom.

What I really love about this process is where we begin when I invite them into it at the beginning of the evening. Often, the women come thinking they’re going to pull together a bunch of images and ideas that are “out there” and will just appear.

Or that they’ll need to seek or go “get” something they desire for their lives.

When I guide and teach, I tell them to set those ideas aside. I don’t think they are true. I don’t think they serve them.

To me, it’s a misconception that if you pin a bunch of stuff to a vision board and feel delicious about it, then those things will magically appear into your life.

It has nothing to do with pulling something in that isn’t already there.

Here’s what I think happens, because I’ve seen it occur in my own life and that of others: When you create a vision board, you give yourself ‘new’ eyes to see and raise your vibration in the world.

When you open yourself up to your splashy dreams, you go from a barely detectable tremor underground to being a quavering magnet for amazing things in life.

Here’s what: A vision board allows you to see what is already there in your life. Love, connection, money/livelihood, health, opportunity, wisdom, answers, ideas, and resources. That vibe-y stuff I’m talking about can propel you to take one inspired action after inspired action to amp it up. Grow it. Bloom it like roses. 

And how do I know this? Because I live it — I have been living it in my own life for many years now. I’ve created everything from a 40 lb. weight loss that I’ve maintained for three years to completing our family with the adoption of a baby boy born in the South Pacific almost seven years ago.

And the people who choose to invest their time and money to work with me? Yeah, we envision and dream — and we get shit done. Because life is for living after you talk about your ideas and wishes.

That fab photo of me yanking up a corner of carpet was this week’s “girl, it’s already there moment” for me.

I’ve shared a dream and vision of a sprawling mid-century modern home with my husband for our entire 17 year marriage. I could see all of the windows and light. The angles in the ceiling. My children coming through the sliding glass doors. Parties where my friends and family are laughing and relaxed.

And it’s happening. I could walk through the front door of this home and bitch about the wallpaper. The dated window treatments. The walls that need to come down. The carpet…everywhere.

Or I can pull up a corner and see what’s already there — pristine maple floors begging to come out of hiding.

And I get excited about that shit, y’all.

I do not take it for granted and throw that carpet back with a mere shrug. I delight in it.

I see what I can create right in front of me. I want you to see that in your life, too. 

My next Women, Wine and Vision is this coming Saturday, January 24th at 7:00 p.m. at The Clifton Center. I’d love for you to join us — there’s still room for you.

WWV 2015 collage 1.10.15

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