Where do I go from here?


“No one will be left untouched by the events and experiences of 2020.”


That is one of the only “This I know for sure” thoughts I’ve had this year. A lot of my 2020 new-decade-blast-off! plans had disappeared into the ether by late winter.

A lot of y’all probably felt this way from around March 10th, and maybe up until this very moment:

“Where do I go from here?”

And there is this thought – because it’s not just an “I” / singular kind of world anymore. This year, and moving forward, we are a collective, so:

“Where do we go from here?”

Imagine yourself in 2040, telling another person the story of what transpired just between March and June of 2020 – but you leave the dates out of the story.

Imagine their reply of “what an unbelievable decade that must have been!”

That’s where we’ve been… and where we are; and not just as individuals, but as an entire society.

So, where do you go from here in 2020?

It’s understandable to wave that question away when you’re doing things like having a plan to unplan a plan.

I know you had to read that again, but right?! 

“Where do I go from here?” might feel bleak and confusing.

But what if it could be open and visionary?

I believe it can. And I want you to believe that, too.

Yes, there is some unprecedented, serious shit going on this year.

Yes, please wear your mask (science is real).

Yes, get on the right side of healing the soul of our country in our reckoning with racism (I’ve got ideas and resources right here).

And yes, while you’re doing that this summer, it is possible for you to have an oasis of support, connection, fun, guidance and reflection. And practice social distancing.

Earlier this year, one of my business mastermind classes involved working through a process to discover three words that encapsulate a message and a movement.

Those three words are the manifesto for something that only I can create and offer women as a portal into the change and transformation they want to see in themselves, and in the world.

What is my charge? What is my “three word rebellion?”

Mind. Muscle. Miracles.

And there it is.

Listen, I got angry at these three words back in March.

The onset of the world cracking open this year began with the eruption of the coronavirus.

My MIND was often agitated, confused, and a fearful mess.

MUSCLES – physical, mental, financial, and otherwise, were weak.

MIRACLES. Really?! Just nevermind that life coach bullshit in a pandemic.

Things have changed. We’ve all changed, and it’s not letting up. That’s alright.

My rebellion didn’t fall apart. It still stands.

Stand with me in July and declare a revolution from within when you join my 6 week group coaching program Mind, Muscle and Miracles.

What’s this all about?

To start:

  • Unpack your overloaded MIND of the stress, doubt, fear, grief, loneliness, and anger. I often say that hard times in life “have given me wisdom I did not ask for.” Now that you know what you know at this point, what are the possibilities?
  • Learn a new body language – put these words on lockdown: bad, start over, fix, guilty, cheat. Put some MUSCLE into: respect, honor, energy, trust, strength.
  • A MIRACLE is defined as a “marvel or something wonderful that defies logic.” If there was ever a time for creating miracles, it’s now. You are at the helm of creating extraordinary personal and global changes that would have defied logic only six months ago.

It’s some mighty work.

And it’s also joyful and fun because we need that now more than ever.

Inspiration. Motivation. Challenges. Prizes. Top shelf prizes – no Laura Wagner LLC ink pens or stress balls.

And payment plan options for allll my ladies.

No FOMO or “I wish I could, but…”

I want this for you.

Isolation has become the norm this year, and we are meant to connect with each other.

I don’t want any woman who wants to be a part of this to be left behind.

There’s more Mind, Muscle and Miracles details coming your way.

Registration is coming soon!

Stay with me; here are a few ways to do that (and fun stuff, too):



This month I pledged to make my company an equitable and anti-racist business.

It’s one thing to “think” you’re doing it; it’s entirely different to have a plan and accountability. A lot of large companies pledged allyship to the Black community, but their actions, numbers and policies did not reflect that.

This is an ongoing, evolving process. There’s no certificate of completion or finish line.

I’m doing the work in a lot of different ways – great and small – for my company. I’m on my own, but there is so much I can do.

One thing is to offer ongoing resources and education that contributes to the process of becoming an ally and anti-racist.

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