JULY 2017 – SACRE COUER ~ Paris, France

– because I want optimal health

– because my body and brain need it

– because I want to be a really old lady who can take care of herself with minimal assistance because I made moving a priority

 – because it’s fun

 – because I deserve it

 – because I love feeling strong

 – because it never fails to elevate my mood. Never.

 – because the people I love deserve to have me in their lives, healthy and strong, and for as long as possible

 – because it is how I say “thank you” to God




 – So I can climb over one hundred of steps without taking a break — quick, strong and determined — in order be a witness to things like this.

That is Sacre Couer in Paris, France.

This, among so many other reasons, is why I MOVE.



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