What’s Up With a “Word Of The Year”

Word of the year

2017: Amplify  

2018: Grounded

2019: Purpose

A couple of years ago, somewhere in life coach land : ) , I stumbled upon the concept of choosing a “word of the year.”

That guided me in the direction of a great discovery tool created by the founder of a life coaching company called Uplevel You named Christine Kane.

You can access the same tool here to help you choose the one word that will be your North Star for 2019.

So why choose a word of the year versus, say, making resolutions (or in addition to making resolutions)?

Personally, I put resolutions aside when I started choosing a word to guide my year. Resolutions, for me, seem to be about a certain area of focus, while a word of the year can be applied to nearly anything in your life and used as a guidepost.

For example, I can take any of my words from past years and 2019, apply them to a number of areas of my life, and connect with my goals and desires.


  • How can I amplify my fitness level this month?
  • Does eating this keep me grounded in my goals for nourishment and nutrition?
  • The purpose behind scheduling my workouts every week is so I remain committed to optimal physical and mental health.

You can be as specific or as broad as you want to be when you tap into that word and the meaning behind it.

This year, I chose purpose and it means a lot of things to me:

  • making decisions on purpose versus sliding into things and seeing they don’t always match my energy, goals or vision
  • choosing my clients on purpose so I am the right fit for them and they are the right fit for me
  • remembering the purpose behind everyday actions and how they contribute to the greater good of my life (everything from housekeeping to fitness to money management)

Several times throughout the year, I will call upon that word to make sure my decisions and actions are congruent with it. It’s very grounding and helps me stay consistent, committed and resilient.

Speaking of grounded, that was my word for 2018. Here are some ways I stayed grounded this year:

  • In 2016 and 2017, I traveled A LOT and I loved all of it, but I think I got overzealous with it. It definitely amplified my life, but I got tired too, and felt a disconnect from my love for the rhythms and routines of daily life with my family and work. I also gained some weight from all of the comings-and-goings where I was on different sleep, eating and workout schedules constantly. I felt sluggish and depleted at times. I literally stayed much more grounded in 2018 — I took a couple of big trips for work and leisure, but I wasn’t airborne every six or seven weeks like I had been. This felt much more manageable.
  • I got more grounded at home with my husband and children and really enjoyed the hum of our daily life along with the extraordinary moments that happened along the way. I was there for all of it and that felt really good.
  • I got more grounded in my body. I made a schedule to move my body on a regular basis — you could find me at my gym almost every week of the year, for four or five days a week. I got more grounded in eating and cooking at home more than going out. All of that groundedness resulted in a 15 lb. weight loss and a huge boost in my energy.

So, check out the Christine Kane discovery tool or check out the list above to see what resonates with your goals or resolutions. Do some writing about your word and how you want it to fit into your life.

If you’re loyal to checking in with yourself on a regular basis to see if you’re staying true to that word, I can almost guarantee you your life will change.

word of the year

Do you need some accountability and strategies for taking your word of the year and running with it in 2019?

I’ve got openings for new clients in 2019 and I’m in the business of offering my people accountability and strategies, as well as motivation, inspiration, compassion and … PURPOSE.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Up With a “Word Of The Year”

  1. I love this concept.

    My word: Present

    to me that means a reminder to be be “present” in my body and what’s happening right now, rather than somewhere in my head in the future or the past.

  2. My word is thrive!