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Ready to make some changes in your life?

I’ve helped hundreds of clients improve their mental health and quality of life with my sharp clinical skills, compassion, and contagious motivation


I’ve created a beautiful life and unique career as a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, and joining my family’s funeral home staff as an apprentice to earn my funeral director’s license. 

My vocation is to help people heal and thrive, and I’m called to carry a lantern of hope and light to illuminate their path. I am a strong and steady guide in my work, whether it’s in a 1:1 session coaching session with a client, or helping a family honor the life of a loved one at our funeral home.

I am currently accepting a limited number of clients for a range of wellness issues: personal development, physical well-being and fitness, as well as life transitions such as divorce, children leaving home, or career shifts.

I am especially devoted to serving those who are coping with grief and loss — past or present. I help people create a future as they navigate some of the darkest times of their lives.

In both my personal and professional life, I show up with vibrant energy, a kind spirit, and genuine enthusiasm; and I’m also comfortable with vulnerability and exploring the depths of the human experience in a way that is completely relatable and accessible to others.

The convergence of my skills and intuition means every soul I serve gets a highly personable experience of healing, empathy, power and possibility.

Why work with me?

Here's how to move forward:

While I’m completing my apprenticeship, I am still maintaining my practice.

As of October 1, 2021, I am accepting a limited number of 1:1 clients.

I offer 1 hour sessions, as well as a unique  option called “The Power Hour” —  90 minutes of fitness paired with coaching. That might look like a walk in the park or personal training via Zoom for a 1/2 hour and 75 minutes of processing and planning.

My clients are loving the The Power Hour experience. 

If you’re interested in these options, inquire about scheduling a consultation call at