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Ready to make some changes in your life?

Let’s get moving.

A few short years ago, I was looking for validation from other people, from jobs I held, and from being a mother. 

I spent a lot of time trying to make things “right” or “perfect.”

I wanted to be a woman who went after what she wanted, but I also wanted to hide.

I wanted to be a woman with a voice, a message and a desire to be seen. But I didn’t want people to listen too much or look for too long.

Everything changed when I claimed responsibility for my happiness and figured out how I was going to be the woman I wanted to be: happy, inspired and inspiring, playful, chic, irreverent, vulnerable.

I had to know what I wanted and then how I was going to create it. And if you work with me, I’m there to help you name and claim what your best life looks like and then we hit the ground running with steps for you to make it happen.

I hold you accountable for what you want and what you’ll say you do to make it happen.

I don’t want you to hide or hold back.

I don’t want you to give up.


Why work with me?

I’m a professional who brings all of my training and experience as a licensed therapist, life coach and fitness professional to this work and I create a tailored experience for each client.

So, what’s the process if you’re interested in working with me 1:1?

There are two options for working with me at this time:

  1. 1:1 coaching via video sessions + Voxer voice coaching support is available in 3 or 6 months.
  2. Voice coaching via the Voxer app for 30 or 60 days. 

I do not offer single sessions because my clients get the best results when they have continuity of care and high-touch support.

You can find out more and inquire about working with me by clicking HERE to submit an application.

The work is an intensive, in-depth coaching experience where I help women design a wide-awake, extraordinary life by creating mindful and significant practices in their everyday lives. The ordinary actions lead to bold and extraordinary new directions.

My coaching is informed by my therapy background, so I am able to work with clients to get to the root of their blocks and painful beliefs. Many women come to me with feelings ranging from frustration to torment about how they take care of themselves — mind and body.

They lose the same amount of weight over and over again.

They don’t know what they want in life — or thought they did, but they aren’t doing it.

Or they failed.

They want to commit to moving their bodies consistently and embrace it as a part of how they live, and they deal with disappointment and shame as they keep “starting over again and failing.”

My clients often know or at least have an intuition that their challenges or struggles aren’t just a matter of flipping a switch with their thoughts or creating routines and habits. That’s part of it, for sure; but there is something more.

I guide them as they peel back the layers of the past and learn how the present is often connected to unresolved pain or shame.

My life’s work is rooted in healing; I open my heart and mind, and I truly hear your story. Our work together may involved healing the wounds of adverse experiences from the past, or maybe even the echoes of trauma.

That healing opens the door to thriving.

When what’s uncovered or unresolved has come into the light, you can embrace feeling safe, free and at peace — maybe even for the first time in your life.

From there, all things are possible.


  • If you have been in a cycle of compare-and-despair: wondering how and why “other people can do things I must not be meant for.”
  • There must be something “wrong” with you that you keep meeting yourself over and over again in the same painful place…
  • Your confidence and sense of self worth feel like you’re living in peaks and valley versus steady ground …

I am here for you.

I have been where you are now in my own life.

When I was finally able to uncover the anxiety, doubt, and sorrow that seemed to plague me — that was too painful to reveal to myself, much less anyone else — that’s when I came fully alive.

I already thought I was living that way; but, I was really afraid to feel more and want more. That was rooted in over 40 years of beliefs and fear that I thought was a way of protecting myself … until I had gave myself the courage to see what lies beneath.

You can do that, too, and I’ll be with you along the way.

If you’re ready — or even ready to be ready, click HERE, and I will review it to see if we’re a good match for moving forward.

I’ll be in touch shortly thereafter.