One Big Holiday: Your Extraordinary Ordinary

I told my husband a little secret of mine the other day that I was hesitant to admit to anyone else.

I love the holidays and look forward to them. Thanksgiving Day is special. Christmas is joyful and a family ritual and milestone I love each year.

But, I told Bobby, those single days don’t compare to what my ordinary days mean to me.

In fact, I think the ordinary days leading up to holidays make those occasions more special.

If you’re living what I call “the extraordinary ordinary,” then the days of planned celebrations can be even lovelier.

I hear from women all of the time who tell me that they feel like they’ve lost themselves; the days keep ticking by and they’re waiting for something to be different.

They’re waiting for motivation to strike.

They’re waiting for someone at work to stop being an asshole.

They’re waiting on the weight they want to lose before they wear the dress.

They’re waiting until their kids are older.

They’re waiting to be brave enough to try something — anything — new.

They’re waiting for the calendar to turn to a day that signifies it’s time to celebrate life — that it’s okay for life to be more special on that day versus the ordinary days.

I’ll tell you another secret of mine — the growth I’ve seen in my own life and that of the women I’ve worked with over the years isn’t grounded in waiting on special days or special circumstances.

Being awake and living versus muddling through is the result of taking simple and significant steps to create an extraordinary life every day.

It’s what you decide to do when you get up each morning.

It’s what you eat for lunch.

It’s what you do when you have five minutes to yourself (being in the bathroom to pee doesn’t count).

It’s how you approach your health each day as either an investment in your life or an expense that robs you of time, money and fun.

It’s a moment you make eye contact with someone and smile.

It’s a moment when you make contact with yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how far you’ve come every single day. And how exciting that is — every single day.

You have an opportunity to feel proud every single day.

So here’s my challenge for you as we go into the last month of 2017 and the beginning of whatever you want 2018 to be:

Take stock of how you spend your hours.

What needs to stay?

What needs to change? And how are you going to do that?

I challenge you to take a challenge I gave to myself this week.

Go hour by hour and document what you’re doing. If you can, take photos — or at least write it down.

Notice the beauty in simplicity.

Remind yourself of what you get to do instead of viewing life as what you have to do.

Make your life one big holiday.

Here’s a composite of my day — I stopped to take a photo every hour from 6 a.m. to almost 9 p.m.

It was Monday.  An extraordinary ordinary Monday.

Try this mindful and fun exercise and see what you learn, too.

I wake up and press snooze two or five : ) times, then I turn on the light to read a short poem or meditation before I even get out of bed. And I drink a full glass of water (I shoot for one every single hour).

Intentions, coffee and work. Desired feelings: focus, creativity and flow.

I turn the face of my iphone away from me several times a day so I’m not distracted by it.

I take breaks from sitting and walk around the house or outside. Today, I decided to foam roll – lol – and I read a prayer meditation while I did it. Lol again.

I ate later than usual this morning. Peanut butter waffle for the win.

Fresh flowers are in the house every week. I’m on a tighter budget these days, and you know what? The flowers remain non-negotiable. They make me smile every time I walk into a room.

I believe that a handwritten note makes both the bearer and recipient so happy.

Lentil soup for the lunch win.

Teaching a class with my partner, Susan, and afternoon tea.

Taping up my feet to help with all of the jumping around I’m about to do at the gym.

Asking my friend Amy if she’ll indulge me in documenting the 5:00 hour. And she did!

Sweaty, happy married people.

I made chili and I was about to stick my whole face in that crock pot, I was so hungry.

My beautiful first born will still sit in my lap. Always extraordinary.

If you’re up to the challenge, post your own “extraordinary ordinary” chronicles on Instagram.

Tag me at and use #extraordinaryordinary.

Want some 1:1 time with me to examine and create your extraordinary ordinary life? I got time. Let’s do it.

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    Love this. Beautiful message.