Your life is your runway

Your life is your runway

I was so excited to, once again, walk the runway for the March 1st Wine, Women and Shoes event to benefit Family Scholar House in Louisville.

If you’d told me in 2010 that the pretty lady standing there in the first photo would be a model for a fashion show that’s the highlight of the benefit, I don’t think I would have believed you.

I didn’t have the sense of possibility and confidence that I’ve grown into since then — but I think I knew then, deep down, that I wanted to participate in life like that.

I wanted to be seen and feel confident and vibrant.

I wanted to feel the fear and somehow do it anyway.

That’s what I hope I can inspire women to do with my work and my life — to show up and take a chance.

I went to an open audition for this show last year to see what would happen. I just showed up.

Sometimes that’s all you need to do in life and surprises and miracles appear.

Showing up turned into becoming a model with a regional agency at age 46, and that job has become a joyful “side hustle” for me in the past year.

I’ve met amazing people, am always learning something new, and get to play dress-up.

I am always becoming the woman I want to be when I do new things that I’m not sure I can do, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to try.

Transformation is possible.

Just show up.

Your life is your runway.

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