I’m Laura Wagner ~ Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Certified Life Coach. Group Fitness Instructor. Wife. Mama. Sister. Friend.

I’m an inspirational healer on a mission to help women reshape their thinking and reinvigorate their lives. I’m a strong, focused and steady guide who can help you turn up the volume in your life and find your groove.

The passion, inspiration and energy you crave isn’t “out there” somewhere; and I can promise you that it hasn’t passed you by.

It is within you and always has been.

Maybe you feel like you’ve lost yourself in your work, your ever-growing list of responsibilities, the excess weight your body is carrying, or the heaviness of an ailing relationship.

I have masterful way of showing you how to excavate your desires and act on them in your day-to-day life, from the moment your feet touch the floor in the morning until you honor your body with rest at night.

It all comes down to learning the art of radical self-care so you can finally stop telling yourself that you will always struggle and never truly love yourself or your body.

I am here to help you truly know your inherit worth and live with confidence, style, sass, passion, and creativity; because I believe that when a woman can heal the relationship with her body, mind and soul, she can also heal and change the world.

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